How to Care for Your Feet During Pregnancy?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! The joy of being a mother cannot be explained in words. Carrying another life inside you is the greatest feeling for every woman. No matter how excited you are, your body undergoes many transformations. The baby bump is the most obvious example, but far from the only one! You will suffer from nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, sore muscles, swollen feet, foot & back pain for the next nine months.

Because of weight gain and hormonal changes, you can suffer from pain and discomfort in the feet, ankles, and lower legs. “Oh, my aching feet” is a common complaint of many pregnant women.

What sort of foot issues might I experience while pregnant?

  • Swollen Fleet or Oedema :

Swelling in the feet is the most common problem during pregnancy. Generally swelling is seen in the hands, face, legs, ankles, and feet which is called Oedema. Your body produces extra body fluids to provide enough space for the growing baby. It increases the blood flow and pressure of your growing uterus on the pelvic veins and your vena cava. You need to avoid standing for extended periods, take proper rest and depending on your fitness level, select exercises to get your blood flowing.

  • Leg Cramps :

Your Growing baby puts extra pressure on your leg muscles which causes painful leg cramps during pregnancy. Most pregnant women experience leg cramps during the night while sleeping. It is because the change in your body needs more calcium. You need to take calcium supplements as well as do calf stretches and regular exercises to prevent cramping. Also, it is advisable to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

  • Cracked Heels 

During pregnancy, the baby takes all the nutrients from your body, which can cause extreme dryness and cracked heels. It is a very common problem for pregnant women. You need to exfoliate your feet regularly and apply moisturizer to keep them soft.

  • Varicose Vains

Varicose veins are the large, swollen blood vessels found predominantly in the legs. During pregnancy, your body increases the blood volume which puts extra pressure on your blood vessels, especially the veins in your legs. Progesteronehormone is increased during pregnancy which causes vasodilation - a widening of your blood vessels. As a result, the pressure within the vein increases and the vein enlarges which develops varicose veins. Doctors recommend taking rest as well as do regular exercises to your blood flowing.

  • Over-Pronation

Over-Pronation during pregnancy is also referred to as flat feet, which occurs when the foot arch flattens out because of the extra weight she is carrying. It makes walking a painful experience for you. Podiatrist suggests wearingspecially-made orthotics which offers arch support and regular exercises

It’s very important to look after your feet and provide the proper care they deserve. Here are some simple tips for your legs and feet, so you can enjoy the next nine months.

Ways to take care of your feet during pregnancy:

  • Keep Moving 

For Mamas-to-be, standing for a long time is not recommended, but doctors recommend regular exercise to keep their body moving. Consult with your doctors before starting any exercise. Depending on your condition and fitness level, they will suggest exercises. Staying active and doing regular exercises will avoid foot pain and leg to keep you and your baby healthy for the next nine months.

  • Keep Your Feet Elevated and Rest :

Experts recommend keeping your feet slightly elevated while sleeping or resting. Elevating your feet brings a range of benefits. It boosts blood circulation and helps to leads to increase venous blood flow. Elevating the legs reduces foot swelling and leg pain. Hence, taking adequate time to rest and keeping your feet up can help fight oedema.


  • Get Some Foot Massage :

Get Some Foot Massage

Carrying your baby for nine months is a wonderful feeling but it can be very painful for feet. Why don’t you consider a gentle and soothing foot massage to pamper your feet? Consult with a well-experienced professional and give your feet a treat.

  • Comfortable Pregnancy Footwear 

Heels are every woman’s best friend. Wearing high heels during your pregnancy can be dangerous. As your weight increases, it increases the pressure on your feet and you need to switch to comfortable and supportive footwear to avoid foot-related problems. Today there are many trendy and colourful pregnancy footwear are available in the market. Choose the right footwear for comfort and support for your feet.


Not everyone experiences pregnancy the same way. It is important to consult with an expert podiatrist or orthotist in earlier stages of pregnancy to avoid further complications. At  CMM, you can explore our Pregnancy Arch-Support Insoles and comfortable footwear. We also have in-house orthotist who can analyse your foot and make customised insoles / footwear.