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CMM Advisory Board

CMM Advisory Board - Dr. Devesh Dholakia (Orthopedic & Spine Surgeon)

Dr. Devesh Dholakia (Orthopedic & Spine Surgeon)
Dr. Devesh Dholakia is one of the topmost orthopedic spine surgeon in the city of mumbai affiliated to jaslok, saifee and global Hospital. He is also a fitness enthusiast, which  has got him thinking about inter-dependence between joint and lower extremities and spine alteration present in one of these structures have consequences on the function
CMM Advisory Board - Dr Rajdeep Pavaskar ( Endodontist and Medical Researcher)
Dr Rajdeep pavaskar ( Endodontist and Medical Researcher)
Rajdeep is a prolific innovator and a medical researcher based in Goa. He has the right balance between academic research and clinical practice. He comes with 10 years experience and qualified as a endodontist