What started as our founder, Trishla Surana’s personal issue of inability to get footwear for her broad feet to making insoles for every kind of footwear for comfort and support has been an eventful journey starting back in 2016.

Your Foot Doctor (YFD as we love to call it) getting the platform on Shark Tank India show televised on 2nd Feb 2022 and getting funded by Namita Thapar from Emcure Pharma on the show has been a major turning point for our company since we could talk about foot issues and how 2 out of 5 Indians are suffering from Flat Feet which often goes undiagnosed.

YFD got an overwhelming response from customers across the globe post Shark Tank and our customized insoles have become the talk of the town prompting us to start at home service in Mumbai on a pilot basis.

Also, it has helped us realize the intensity of the problem and how the Foot is the Foundation of our Body just like the Face is the Reflection of our Body has found resonance with the common man, footwear trade and Doctors alike

YFD Founders, Trishla and Rajeev Surana always believe in listening to customers and take critical feedback which has led to the launch of YFD slipper insoles for the first time ever in the world so that you can use our slipper insoles to put on any flat footwear such as slippers, sandals and even ballerinas providing you with comfort and support required for an active lifestyle.

YFD vision is to ensure your mobility and keep you pain free.

YFD took the tough decision to exit footwear category as we have enlarged our vision to provide our insoles for every footwear under this planet.

Our dream is to partner with the large footwear brands to help them relook at comfort, ergonomics and support using YFD technology and make footwear which can fit anyone from narrow, petite feet to broad and large feet.

YFD team operates out of 3 cities in India currently and has the vision to have a presence across all major cities in the world.