What is Flat feet? Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Flat feet (also called Pes planus or fallen arches) is a deformity related to posture, in which the arches of the foot deforms, resulting in the entire sole coming into complete or little in contact with the ground. This condition can be treated with the help of arch supports. When there is stress on the knee and hip, it can result in paint in the joints. These stresses can make ankle turn inward. That’s why this condition is also called as knock-knee

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What is the Cause of Flat feet?

Cause of flat feet

Common causes of flat feet include:

● Flat feet are hereditary in nature, but till the age of 7 years, the arch can be formed with right orthotics.
● A person can develop flat feet due to weak arches. Which means a person may seem to have a normal arch, but when they sit their arches are falling.
● Injury-related foot and ankle can also cause flat feet and also damage, dysfunction, or rupture of the posterior tibial tendon
● Flat feet can be caused due to diseases and conditions like Arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, Nervous system or muscular diseases, tarsal coalition
● People are more likely to develop flat feet if they have obesity or diabetes, or even when women are pregnant.
By seeing these causes shows that many people are suffering from flat feet or have week arches. It is important to maintain your body posture and weight distribution.

Symptoms of Flat feet

People with flat feet start noticing pain in the following regions
• Inside ankle, alongside possible swelling. •
• Arch of the foot
• Calf
• Knee
• Hip
• Lower back
• Lower legs


What is the Cause of Flat feet?

After a certain age Flat feet cannot be treated but wearing the right footwear or insoles can help you support the arches to attain the ideal weight distribution for the body. At CMM we have a wide variety to pain relief footwear and also insoles to help you out. If you have any query or want to fix an appointment with an orthotist you can give us a call on our clinic number.

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