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Orthopedic Unisex Slipper Insoles With Medial Arch Support

Rs. 995
Introducing YFD slipper insoles which is a revolutionary concept and can be put it your favourite slippers, sandals or other kind of flat footwear.

It comes in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large and needs to be stuck on your slippers by releasing the paper stuck on the back of the insoles.

Please note that the gluing is permanent and once it is stuck it cannot be removed from your slippers.

You need to first put it on the slippers starting at the heel area and check the position before you release the paper and stick it permanently on your slippers, sandals or any other flat footwear.

So go and order our slipper insoles, another innovation from Your Foot Doctor.

Customer Reviews

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Akshay Narshi

Orthopedic Unisex Slipper Insoles With Medial Arch Support

Poor packaging

2 star - only due to the packaging.
Ordered this insoles a week ago. I am highly disappointed with the packaging. The box was a bit bent from the corners, and the insoles were placed inside the box without any wrapping. If I pay a good amount for the product, as a customer I dont expect such type of packaging. The insoles should atleast be wrapped/bubble wrap, etc.

Second Skin for your foot

This are the best for all your foot issues. I got this for my wife and she got it affixed on all her footwear

Ameet Harishkumar

Orthopedic Unisex Slipper Insoles With Medial Arch Support

Nitin Jawale
Poor quality

Poor quality, uneven pair. Bad and ugly finishing

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