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About Us

Trishla Surana, our founder also questioned the status quo ‘Why such unattractive and boring footwear’ and ‘We cant make world class footwear in India’ and started with the dream of making creative and colourful footwear proudly Made in India.

Colour Me Mad was born in 2014 and our first launch was printed slippers which were cute and found instant takers but during the course she researched cork and its benefits for our feet and instantly fell in love with cork.

Comfee, the flagship cork sandals was launched in August 2016 and customers flocked to buy a pair.

Trishla is ably supported by her life partner, Rajeev Surana who brings creativity to branding and marketing and a qualified Patent Attorney and team of footwear designer, production team and back-end team.

Having representing India in International Innovation Fair at Istanbul, Turkey in 2016 and with media coverage in Your Story, Shoes & Accessories magazine, Better Indian etc. she is determined to make customers happy with footwear that combines fashion with comfort and her high point has been the stamp of approval from footwear designers and retailers in high street in Milan, the fashion capital of the world.

Trishla Surana
         Trishla Surana