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Unisex Orthopedic Heel Pad

Rs. 495
1. Are you in jobs which involve a lot of standing which puts pressure on your heels?
2. Does heel pain bother your routine or daily walks?
3. Do you have shooting pain first thing in the morning?

You need to start wearing heel pads which are specially designed to comfort your heels.
Made from medical grade rubber, YFD heel pads have maximum cushioning to protect your heels and make sure you are on the go without affecting your routine, walks or workouts.
They come in a single, free size and can be put in any shoes without any need to remove your insoles and will not cause your shoes to tighten or lose their shape.
You can either stick it permanently on your shoes or just place it near the heel area.
It's long term use will not have any side effect on your feet or gait (walking style).
Say hi to heel pads and bye bye to painful heels!

Customer Reviews

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Prashant karn

Product is good but it is very expensive


Effective. Good quality.

Great product!!!

I've been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis for over a year and I tried everything to relieve the pain. Then I stumbled upon Your Foot Doctor, i ordered heel pads your YFD , after using it my pain has reduced drastically.

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