One size does not fit all!

No two feet are created equal- not even your own! Each foot has varying lengths, girths, arches and even pressure; then why must we conform to believe that one kind of footwear will give each of us the right fit and comfort we need?

Keeping in my mind our ultimate goal- maximum customer comfort by providing them with the best footwear solution as per their individual need, CMM started its range of custom made footwear. CMM Custom footwear is not a mere spin on the design specifics of the footwear, but rather is moulded specifically to your foot specifications and to alleviate pain from particular foot deformities.

How is our custom footwear different from our off-the-shelf footwear?

While our CMM off-the-shelf footwear is designed taking into consideration the general ergonomics of our feet and is recommended to be worn as a generally good practice to prevent foot deformities from arising and to get the required comfort and support; there are many people with foot deformities that require footwear more specifically engineered to match their needs. CMM recognized this need early and is a pioneer in this area of custom footwear in India. For instance, people with flat feet are given a high arch, people with plantar fasciitis are given a deeper heel cup and so on.


How does the customization process work?

In the post-pandemic era, CMM has completely revolutionized the footwear customization process by going digital! The process starts with a scheduled video call with a CMM in-house Foot Specialist, who recognizes your foot condition and needs by analyzing your feet and posture. We then send a delicate foam box to your doorstep and our expert guides you to take your impression on the foam box, along with a few measurements of your feet. We then collect the foam box from your house and send it to our production manager, who handcrafts the footwear based on your specific foot impression and measurements. The completed footwear is packed with love and sent to your homes- making this entire process effortless for our customers. Despite going contactless, CMM is in touch with you every step of the way!