Wear Flat Feet Insoles-Treat Your Foot without Side Effects

Do you have flat feet?

Maybe, you are looking for ways to reduce pain caused by your feet. The best way to treat this condition is to support your feet. In most cases, healthcare professionals recommend wearing orthotics - custom made shoes. With flat feet insoles, patients get the best foot support and thus, their pain can be alleviated.

What Are Flat Feet, Anyway? 

Having flat feet means having no arch or a low arch. People who have flat feet often find it difficult to stand, walk and run. Also, this foot deformity may cause pain in the ankles, knees and hips. It’s because of the stress on the joints. 

Flat foot orthopedic insoles work effectively in reducing joint pain. They are specially designed to help the foot and ankle friction better and also to provide support to the ankle and the entire foot.

What Are Flat Foot Types?

Flat feet are usually of two types - 

  • Flexible Flat Feet: This is the most common type, and it generally affects little kids. Fortunately, it does not cause pain. The arches of the children with flexible flat feet usually disappear when they stand. They are visible only when kids sit or walk on tiptoes. To treat this condition, doctors often recommend using flat feet insoles for child
  • Rigid Flat Feet: People with rigid flat feet hardly have arches. Their feet remain flat on the floor whether they walk, sit or stand.

What Are the Causes of Flat Feet? 

Some factors contribute significantly to developing flat feet. Below are the common causes and risk factors of this foot deformity: 

  • It can be hereditary. However, the arches can be formed or corrected with the right flat feet insoles in India or anywhere else. But, remember, having a flat foot is normal for children who are aged seven or below. Foot’s arch doesn’t develop at this young age. 
  • Obesity is a risk factor for this condition. Obese people or those who are overweight often have to deal with flat foot symptoms. What they require are premium quality insoles for flat feet. If you still ask - do arch supports help flat feet, we will answer positively. According to medical research and orthopaedics, specially designed insoles that support arches can actually be pretty helpful for patients with this foot deformity. 
  • Foot or ankle injury is another common cause. In such cases, surgery can be required if the condition is quite serious. 
  • Several diseases like muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, arthritis, etc., are also associated with this condition. 
  • Long term foot use and stress on the foot arches because of heavyweight increase the risk of developing flat feet

With this, it’s pretty clear that a lot of people, including children, have this foot deformity. With the best insoles for flat feet in India, they can lead a pain-free life.

Flat Foot Symptoms – How to Know If You Have Flat Feet? 

Many people with flat feet often have to deal with unbearable pain in the feet and joints. Stiffness, swelling and pain in the following body parts are the common symptoms of this condition. 

  • Foot arch
  • Ankle 
  • Calf 
  • Knee 
  • Lower back
  • Hip 
  • Lower leg

Flat feet may cause uneven body weight distribution, and this may lead to injuries. To avoid such risks, it’s necessary to get proper arch support and what could be better than using flat feet custom orthotics

Treating Flat Feet with Custom Orthotics or Insoles

People with flat feet require proper foot support – this can be considered to be the first step towards treating this condition. Well, it’s true that this deformity cannot be treated after a certain age. Now, if you think - can insoles fix flat feet, here is our answer- the right insoles always support the arches so that uneven body weight distribution does not happen. Thus, flat foot orthopedic insoles help patients relieve pain by ensuring even body weight distribution.   

Now, if you ask - what insoles are good for flat feet, we would talk about the ones specially made with the Tri-planar technology. The best thing about these insoles is that they support both the foot and ankle and improve the alignment. Patients can expect the best benefits out of these insoles because they not only ensure even body weight distribution but also help in shifting weight off the body’s weak structure. Thus, they help in reducing stress on particular muscles and soft tissues. Insoles that offer full foot and ankle support and total comfort are the best options for flat foot patients. 

Do Flat Foot Insoles Really Work?

Orthotics or insoles work in the best possible ways where foot support is necessary. It is advisable to use proper insole material as per your condition and symptoms. Consider seeking medical advice for complex and serious foot deformities. 

Other Treatment Options 

Besides wearing flat feet insoles, it is necessary to make some lifestyle changes to relieve pain. Here are some other flat foot treatment options, physicals often recommend to patients:

Lifestyle Changes 

Consider making some changes in your daily routine to get rid of foot pain and joint pain caused by flat feet. Make sure you don’t stand and walk for a long time to avoid pain. Also, some exercises like the golf ball roll and heel cord stretching work effectively when it comes to improving flexibility and strength in the feet as well as ankles. 


To relieve pain and swelling, doctors often prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to patients with flat feet. However, medicines have side effects, and we should not forget them. 

Foot Surgery 

Surgery can be the last resort and is often recommended to patients with severe flat foot symptoms. To correct the foot arch, orthopaedic surgeons create arches in the patients’ feet.  

Treat Your Flat Foot without Side Effects 

The best part about insoles or foot support treatment is that, unlike medication, it helps in reducing pain without any side effects. All you have to do is to know where to get insoles for flat feet and then use them properly. For children who have flat feet, it is necessary to wear insoles specially designed for them. Although certain flat foot complications cannot be treated after a certain age, flat feet insoles, a healthy lifestyle, and proper diet always help patients manage pain and discomfort.