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Orthopedic Customised Leg Length Discrepancy Insole - Unisex Orthopedic Shoe Insole

Rs. 3,495

Our Customization Process

  1. Once you place an order, please download the Your Foot Profiler app from Google Playstore by clicking here(iPhone Users Click Here)
  2. Once downloaded, follow the instructions and fill the required details.
  3. Our Technical Team will start designing the insoles as per the Foot Profile.
  4. YFD will ship your order within 24 Hours after getting your Foot Profile.

Our Leg Length Discrepancy Orthopedic Shoe Insole is made up of medically graded material (MCR).  They can be worn in any kind of closed footwear.

  • DURABLE: - These are durable insoles and are widely used by people of all ages, especially women with feet, knee, back pain, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, etc. it has innovative pain relief technology.
  • SKIN FRIENDLY: - It has Skin-Friendly material and made with care that prevents blisters, scars, sweating & pain of the feet. 
  • STYLISH: - Comfort and quality at the podiatrist’s recommendation! Uniquely stylish orthopedic insoles that look great and fit your lifestyle.
  • ALL-WEATHER WEAR: - The synthetic material is water friendly. The insole can be hand washed 
  • PREVENTS FOOT PROBLEMS: It helps in preventing plantar fasciitis, flat feet, swollen feet, heel pain, foot pain, knee pain, arthritis, Morton's neuroma, post-surgery pain, etc. 

Cleaning Instructions: You should wash your Insole with a soft brush such as a toothbrush along with soap and water.

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