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Blue and Orange Aztec - Extra Comfort - / Orthopedic Sandal / Arch Support Footwear | Best Footwear For Knee Pain

Rs. 2,995

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Our Colourful Orthopedic outdoor footwear is made up of medical graded Rubber (MCR) material and natural cork. The insole and strap of our footwear are removable. It is the best footwear for Knee Pain.  

  • ANTI-SKID: - Natural cork sandals, its grip enables you to use these sandals on wet floors, tiles, marbles, etc. the EVA sole is long-lasting and provides uninterrupted daily usage.
  • DURABLE: - these are durable sandals because it is made of cork material which is extracted from bark of cork oak tree. We use non-slippery 7 mm thickness EVA sole. 
  • SKIN FRIENDLY: - It has Skin-Friendly Material which is Handcrafted and made with care that avoids Blisters, Scars, Sweating of The Feet and Pain. It is PETA certified.
  • STYLISH: - comfort and quality at podiatrist’s recommendation! discover uniquely stylish orthopedic slippers that look great and fits your lifestyle where your feet look pretty which provides a premium look and feel to the feet. It is colourful & highly attractive.
  • EXTRA CUSHIONING: -  Multi-layered cushioned insoles. Aligns body weight to prevent pain and swelling. 
  • CHANGEABLE INSOLE: Our footwear has a changeable insole that can be changed at a regular interval. 

  • ALL-WEATHER WEAR: - Out footwear is made up of cork and EVA, so that makes it all weather wear as cork is water proof and EVA sole is non-slippery. 
  • WASHABLE:- The synthetic material is water friendly. The sandal can be hand washed and the changeable insole can be washed in the washing machine.
  • PREVENTS FOOT PROBLEM:- Since our footwear is ergonomically designed as per foot issues so this style is curated to help you with knee problem.

Cleaning Instructions: You should wash our footwear with a soft brush such as a toothbrush along with soap and water to ensure that the insole padding is not damaged. Also in case you use moisturiser or oil on your feet then wear socks as the fabric on the footwear will get dirty and attract dust. Also if your insoles are dirty then you can put them (changeable insoles ) in the washing machine for wash else you can hand wash it 


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