CMM is a foot tech company, which manufactures footwear and insole to help patients suffering from different foot conditions like flat feet, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, corn, bunion, spur etc. 

For first time in India CMM has got heat molded Insole kit which can make insole under 10 minutes.   


Components of the Kit

    6 reasons to choose   CMM Instant Insole set up CMM       International Brands Set up Cost         9995/-                       3 Lac -   10 Lac  Insole Price           1995/-              3500 -   9000  Conditions to Cater                Flat feet, Corn, Plantar Fasciitis, Knee pain, Back pain, Calluses,Spur Flat feet, Plantar Fasciitis  Minimum Quantity                  6 Pairs                Minimum 100 Pairs  Manufacturing Warranty         6 Months               ?  Assurance 15 days money back guarantee  Once sold cannot be returned


    Q1 Instant Insole is suitable for what kind of setup?

    1. Physiotherapist Clinic
    2. Orthopedic Hospital
    3. Sports Clinic
    4. Multiplicity Hospital
    5. Sports and Shoe Retailers
    6. Surgical Dealer

    Q2 Who is suitable for customizing the insole?

    CMM Provides online training for making insoles as per feet condition and arch type for which certification is provided to CMM partners

    Q3 How CMM Insoles are one stop solution for every feet?

    CMM uses patented technology which is proudly made in India combined with expertise of our orthotists and medical experts 


    Partner with CMM to give your patients the best experience and most comfortable insole in the world.

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