Why we need cork Footwear? Advantages & Benefits of Cork Shoes

Our sandals are known as pain relief sandals, as they are made up of cork. Cork sandals are not only fashionable, but they’re also good for the planet, your feet, and your legs. Let’s go through some facts about cork foot-bed sandals.

1) Natural and Renewable
The cork oak tree is native to Portugal, Spain, and North Africa. Natural cork is unique in that it is naturally buoyant and elastic, and water and fire-resistant. A cork tree can live as long as 500 years and can be harvested every 9-12 years. Not only is cork all-natural and renewable, but it’s also water-resistant. This is why it’s the perfect material for wine corks (no leakages here) and the soles of sandals. You can walk through as many rainy days as you come across without risking the longevity of your cork-soled sandals.

2) The ergonomically designed foot-bed
Our foot-bed has arch support which acts as a shock absorbent and helps to reduce pain. Cork foot-bed are natural, heat resistant, and long-wearing. In fact, the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they’ll be for you. This is because the natural heat from your feet helps the footbed mould to the shape of your foot. Not only does this increase the comfort of your sandal, but it also creates an orthopedically correct sole for your foot. The risk of developing foot and ankle issues is minimized due to the extra support these soles provide.

3) Odour resistantCork is a naturally water-resistant material, it does not absorb the moisture that comes from the natural sweating of your feet. Without moisture, odour causing bacteria cannot thrive, keeping your feet relatively odour-free without having to use harsh chemicals on your feet.

4) Helps to reduce knee pain and back pain fibrous material, when packed so closely together, develops a sort of elasticity. Because of this, when you walk, you feel truly supported. When you get superior support, you can wear your footwear for a longer period. The extra cushion will cause less impact on the knee, spinal cord and ankle which will prevent twisting and pressure on any part of your foot. Allowing to walk comfortably and confidently. This will eventually reduce your knee and back pain.

5) Cork Footwear prevents Foot issues.
Cork footwear also helps in preventing and also taking of your feet in foot issues like a bunion, flat feet, fallen arch, swollen feet, hammer toe, plantar fasciitis etc. because of its superior support and all the qualities listed above