Why flat footwears when your foot is arched?

Arch Support Cork Footwear by Colour Me Mad (CMM)

If our body is a wonder then our feet is definitely a marvel and a complex piece of engineering worthy of our attention.

Our feet takes the whole weight of the body and designed to ensure we are mobile and always on the move.

Our foot has multiple arches to distribute our body weight and if one has flat feet then it is needs to be addressed and treated.

If our foot has arches then why should our footwear be flat??

Our footwear should be designed to support our foot for superior performance and consist of arch and heel cup for maximum support and comfort.

Also it should preferably have a foot bed which is raised so that our toes don't hurt or get damaged during impact and able to absorb shock while walking.

So next time when you go to buy a footwear you should always ask the question, if your feet is arched then why should your footwear be flat. Always look for footwear with footbed comprising of an arch and heel cup so that your feet is secured and well supported while you are on the move.