Clean Your Dirty Shoes: Why do We Wear Dirty Footwear?

It is observed that people seldom take care of their footwear. We take care and maintain hygiene for our clothes, accessories and bags as well. But none of us consider footwear as important to look after them regularly. Only when the footwear is new we tend to use them with care but once they are dirty and spoilt with dust we never tend to clean them and ignore it. Why do we neglect such a important part of our wardrobe which takes our burden whole day?

It is realised that most of the footwear are not so easy to clean. Once the dust or spots get onto it they become permanent and impossible to get rid off. Another reason is we are not aware how to take care of our footwear and the most prominent being laziness. On top of this most of the footwear are not washable and hence we are left with no choice of cleaning it.

Colour Me Mad, cork and comfortable footwear, has addressed to these concerns very well.  
They are aware about people's concerns and problems faced while using footwear. They have introduced washable footwear which are very easy to wash as well as maintain. The cork used is completely natural and resistant to all kinds of weather, hence it can be cleaned easily. The insole latex padding used is also easy to remove and washable. You can either hand-wash or machine wash it. It is that easy to clean your footwear.

What if you are still not able to wash your footwear and you want a clean and fresh look? CMM has that option too. Their footwear is customisable meaning you can remove the insoles padding from the sandals, slip-ons or toe-stoppers. You can easily replace them with another design of insole which are cleaner and can match your outfit. With just one pair of footwear you have option to mix and match and have a newer design and fresh looking footwear everyday. Over the weekend you can wash your insoles like you do your laundry so the following week you have another set ready and  clean footwear.

Wearing clean footwear with attractive designs not only helps to keep your mood up but also adds to comfort and hygiene of your feet. It also helps to keep smelly feet away as most of the time the dust and microbes tend to give foul odour to your feet. CMM footwear are airy and avoids moisture in your feet keeping them dry and clean. This also avoids many feet diseases which may occur due to fungus built up in moist and dirty feet.

So do try CMM customisable cork footwear which are comfortable, affordable and cleaner. Taking care of your footwear won't be easier than this. Maintain good habit of wearing clean and  comfortable footwear and keep your feet happy.