Why CMM Ortho & Pregnancy Footwear are so popular?

Colour Me Mad, since its inception has been liked and accepted by many customers. I too have been using CMM footwear for a while and I am in love with them. Having used them personally, I can relate why people prefer them over the traditional footwear.

The foremost thing which gets your attention is the colourful and exclusive designs of CMM. They come in such vibrant patterns and designs that it is like love at first sight. Never before I have fallen in love with a footwear. Generally, it happens with a dress or an accessory but I have not come across such attractive footwear before. This is not the only thing to fall in love. You wear them and that feeling of softness and comfort strikes you immediately. The soft latex padding is simply comfortable and provides soothing effect to your feet.

Another significant factor about CMM is the cork sole. They are made of natural material cork which has moulding property. This shapes the footwear as per your foot shape making it suitable for each individual as per their foot shape. This makes them perfect fit and also provides proper support while walking. The cork sole combined with soft latex padding is a perfect combination which helps to provide shock absorption while walking and thus reducing back, knee and ankle pain.

This is not enough; I just can't stop appreciating this footwear! They have a very unique and one of the best features which is customization.  Yes! They have changeable insoles which are fixed with cork sole using Velcro. So you can easily remove and replace it with another design. Isn't it interesting! Today I am in casual mood, so I just grab this floral insole and fix it with my footwear. Another day I am in party mood, so I just replace my straps with shiny one and change the insole to match my dress. See, it is that easy to have a new and perfect matching footwear whenever you want.

This has made CMM so popular and people are just loving the concept and comfort provided by them. Never before people were liking their footwear so much. This we came to know with the reviews we received on Instagram, Google and social websites. We asked people to send us their CMM ideas, how they are pairing their CMM. We got overwhelming response and were surprised how people are finding CMM useful and convenient in different ways. (Can show different photos of customers with CMM, like on beach, party, casual etc.)

Taking care of CMM is so easy that you can keep them clean and neat all the time. They are easily washable and waterproof.  Hence you can wash them as you wish. This not only helps to have a cleaner footwear but also helps to increase the life of footwear. I have been using this pair for more than 2 years now and see how new they look still today. Ah! I just can't stop admiring them. They have become favourite footwear and I have tried all the types provided by CMM. They have variety in sandals, shoes, slip-ons and Kolhapuri as well. So what are you waiting for? If you haven't tried CMM yet, go grab it now.