Why CMM Is Your Ideal Monsoon Footwear

Monsoon comes with a variety of changes in weather like excessive humidity; sometimes rain like cat and dogs, sometimes sprinkles, black clouds, many changes takes place in this season. So when we go for footwear shopping for monsoon season we come across varieties of footwear and we get confuse which type of footwear to buy, so that it will become Ideal footwear for monsoon. There are many brands in the market they are trying to making Ideal footwear for monsoon season.

There are many qualities require for monsoon footwear. Monsoon footwear should be water-resistant, shock- absorbent, high gripped, durable, opened style, flexible, washable at home etc. These are the technical things, but monsoon footwear should also be colourful, fashionable, and trendy so that we can wear them to parties, beach, and events). If we get these technical and fashionable qualities in single footwear then this will be a bonus for customers. If I say, we have that one footwear available in the market!! Yes, fabulously designed colourful footwear Brand that is “Colour Me Mad”

CMM Footwear has those qualities that can bear monsoon season effortlessly and CMM makes Ideal Monsoon footwear. But in case of any doubt, take a look on features of CMM footwear briefly. I have listed some qualities that makes CMM Footwear an ideal footwear.




Features Of CMM footwear That Makes it ideal For Monsoon
  •   Water-Resistant: CMM footwear especially known for water-resistant quality. This quality makes CMM footwear monsoon friendly. “Colour Me Mad” uses rainy season Compatible material for Cork. Cork is used as a foot bed in CMM footwear. It has a great water-resistant quality. Monsoon season is all about watery roads and so footwear should be water-resistant. Water-Resistant footwear helps to dry footwear as quickly as possible.

  • Shock Absorbent: Ideal Monsoon footwear should be shock-absorbent. This feature of CMM footwear is made especially for monsoon. CMM uses Cork material for the foot bed.  Cork is one of the best of woods for sole.  Wood naturally great insulator of electricity. In monsoon, there is a problem with electricity. Broken wires come in contact with water. So many people lose their lives in monsoon due to electrical accidents. We can save their lives using this footwear.

  • Frequently Washable: CMM footwear has great quality that is, we can wash their footwear frequently at home using our hand and detergent or soap. In monsoon, we have to face puddles and muddy roads. We have to wash our footwear frequently to remove mud and dirt from footwear. This quality makes CMM footwear more durable.

  • Made of Natural Material: CMM uses natural Cork For footwear. The foot bed of Natural Cork has lots of advantages like it is Flexible, Durable, Comfortable etc. Natural Cork has great flexibility so that it can move according to our foot shape. It is also comfortable for flat feet. This quality gives great or improved posture for our body as well as reduce knee, back pain and provide great personality.

  • Changeable Insole:  CMM footwear plays an important role in the fashion world and becomes the game changer. In monsoon season we cannot ignore our daily life also we cannot ignore party, events, and a weekend on beach, so we look for correct footwear for any event. CMM comes with this Do it yourself customization option so that we can change insole as per dress style so that we can go perfect with outfit and footwear. Changeable Insole is a great Game changer. This feature never disappoints customers.

  • Guaranteed Fit: CMM footwear gives 100% guaranteed fitted footwear. Most of the people think, how is fitted footwear useful. In monsoon season we cannot wear loose footwear because there is chance of falling down. Monsoon comes with mud. We have to wear Guaranteed Fit Footwear because that gives you great grip for walking. Considering this feature CMM footwear Ideal for Monsoon.

  • Breathable Footwear: CMM footwear is made of great Natural Material Cork. When it comes to Cork it also provides breathable foot bed. In Monsoon there are chances to infect our feet by fungus, bacteria, and germs results of this affected health. We have to keep our feet fresh. It can prevent all germs in the monsoon season. It helps to dry out footwear quickly and easily.

These above features of CMM footwear, makes it ideal footwear for monsoon season.