CMM- A PETA Certified / Vegan Indian footwear brand

CMM is a progressive brand and is at its core vegan, sustainable, and animal cruelty free. Our feet and our environment are both integral but delicate components of our lives and we at CMM are dedicated to treat them with utmost care. Our mission at CMM is to embody style, while providing your foot the care and comfort it needs without harming animals and our environment.


What are PETA and PETA Certification?

PETA- People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, is an animal rights organization and is the largest of its kind in the world. PETA opposes animal cruelty in such forms as cruel killing of animals and the suffering of animals in industries. CMM’s mission is in alignment with the mission of PETA.


Thus, in 20xx, CMM received its PETA Certification. For a footwear brand like CMM, being PETA approved means that all the materials used in the making of our footwear are vegan and no animals are killed or harmed in our manufacturing process. Thus, CMM being a PETA certified footwear brand has ditched materials sourced from animals, such as leather and adopted such naturally sourced and recycled materials as cork, faux suede, polyester and faux leather. Further, we also do not commission any tests on animals. CMM is striving to revolutionize the way consumers look at vegan footwear!