Make Sure You Don’t Slip This Monsoon - Monsoon Footwear Tips

Everyone enjoys monsoon season with family and friends. Youngsters plan for a picnic, trekking, travelling, some people like to do stunts in monsoon, and other likes to walk on the beach. We have always seen the positive side of monsoon. But we have to take care of ourselves in monsoon regarding health, safety while we go travelling and picnic.

Because every monsoon season, we listen to lots of stories and news. News that is frequently in headlines is about slippery surface and accidents. Some uncountable small-big incidents or accidents happening in urban and rural areas due to the monsoon season.

There are many incidents happening in an urban area, like Mumbai. Mumbai is a small city yet one of the most crowded cities in India. In Mumbai, there were many accidents accounted in monsoon season compared to any other seasons.  If we try to find out the reason behind some of the incidents that took place on a Slippery surface, then grip is most important reason behind. What else can help for grip besides footwear?

First we will take a look on Incidents happened due to bad grip footwear;-

  • Daily life Incidents: In monsoon season, we mostly face problems like puddles on roads, muddy surface and walking on footpaths becomes slippery because of rain. If we face any problems in monsoon, government does not pay attention. So that we have to manage our selves with these muddy, puddles and slippery roads. We have to choose high grip footwear with perfect design with suitable, comfortable fitting for feet. If we choose high grip sandals or any other type of footwear then we have less chance of falling down. So that we can avoid all injuries and cracks in bones.


  • Travelling Incidents:  Mostly College going boys and girls plans for trekking in monsoon. In rainy season these mountains, fort gets muddy, slippery surface etc.  There are many incidents in which these youngsters lose their lives because of the slippery surface. So my personal advice to all youngsters and trekkers to use high gripped shoes. So that we can avoid these injuries and death.

To avoid or lessen these consequences we have to choose high gripped footwear. After all we cannot play with our lives. We cannot avoid all these incidents but we can reduce them using some tips. These tips will help to save your lives and prevent any injuries during daily life and travelling.

Tips For Making Your Footwear More Gripped:

1. Whenever you go for monsoon footwear shopping, make sure that the out soles should have tread pattern or have any pattern. Try to find out footwear having more than one pattern on out sole. So that if there is muddy surface, mud does not spread evenly and maintain the friction between shoe out sole and ground surface. 

The tread pattern is designed for shoes to making them more slip-resistant in any tough condition. When Tread patterned footwear out-sole comes in contact of the ground, it will create more friction, resulting more grip even on a muddy surface.


2. If you want to wear sandals, high heels or any other footwear in monsoon season then you don’t worry about slipping on. Use duct tape for your sandals out-sole. The sticky and adhesive pattern of this duct tape gives a good grip to sandals. Cut a piece of duct tape and apply on the out-sole of sandals firmly. Make sure that there should not be any bubbles or wrinkles on duct tape.


3. Always clean your footwear whenever you come back home or maybe whenever you get a chance to wash your footwear. When mud sticks on footwear & gets dry then it has to be cleaned as it prevents any lubrication down on soles.

 Consider all these tips and information; do not slip this monsoon season.