How to prevent fallen arch and what is the right footwear for it?

Tibialis posterior tendon helps to keep the arch up. If a person is suffering from Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction in which the tendon becomes inflamed or stretched, then the arch starts to fall. This condition is referred to as a fallen arch or flat feet.

The tendon becomes inflamed because of following reasons like the person is overweight, had an accident, fracture or a direct blow on the tendon, age also plays a major role, arthritis etc. These factors may cause the arch to collapse and change the position of the bone and ankle.

People suffering from a fallen arch or flat feet suffer from pain and swelling in the tendon region. Pain increases with highly intensive actives such as running etc. If not taken care the pain can increase and may lead to bone dispositioning and can further increase the intensity of the pain.

A fallen arch or Flat feet can be prevented by

  • Wearing the right footwear with arch support, superior comfort, deep heel cup and footwear material should breathable and shock absorbent.  
  • Wearing customized insoles can help a fallen arch and also prevent overpronation. Wearing the right insole with orthotic sandals or shoes can reduce the pain and strain on the posterior tibial tendon.
  • Performing exercises which can strengthen the arch, have also proved to be beneficial. 

Fallen arch has become a common problem because of our hectic lifestyle. If not taken care, can lead to major problems in future. Colour Me Mad custom insoles and footwear can help you to prevent flat feet because of its superior comfort and arch support. It is made up natural cork which is an ideal material for any foot-related issue.