What is hallux vagus / Bunion deformity? | How to Get Rid of Bunion Pain with Pain Relief Footwear?

Bunion or Hallux Valgus is the condition of the greater toe which moves away from the body midline or toward other toes causing a bump at the metatarsal joint

They are not always painful and thus are left untreated which can also lead other toes to collapse over one another this is considered as a severe form of deformity. A bunion can be hereditary which runs in family. Women’s are more commonly affected by it. Common causes of a bunion are flat feet, Overpronation- which means that having a low arch or uneven weight-bearing inside the foot and tendon that makes the toe joint unstable, arthritis such as Rheumatoid arthritis, neuromuscular disorders such as polio, foot injuries, genu varum commonly termed as bow leg. It is also caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes, high heels with narrow toe box which causes unwanted stress on toes.

A bunion can lead to further deformities such as hammertoes, metatarsalgia- it is the condition where there is pain at the ball of the foot and you may feel like stepping on the stone.

If you have a bunion you may experience symptoms such as pain and soreness, numbness, Hardened skin at the affected toe, Increased skin thickness under affected toe, Redness, Formation of a bump at the greater toe, Restricted greater toe motion which causes difficulty in walking

You can prevent it by wearing insoles with medial arch support, which can relieve stress and distribute weight evenly on foot, Silicon toe separators are used in bunion to place the diverted toe in its normal position and also prevent the deformity. This separator can be used at home wearing it all day for maximum correction and also inside your footwear, Footwear with toe separators is ideal for a bunion, stretching exercises are also proved beneficial for bunion which decreases pain and often relieves muscle pain, applying ice on the affected side can also provide relief from pain.

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