Find your the perfect fit with one click!

Finding the perfect fitting footwear has been an age-old dilemma. Add to that the problem of buying footwear online in the pandemic hit era and the hassle of exchanges! CMM recognised this problem early and has used a technologically driven solution- that is simple for our customers to use to precisely identify their foot size!

CMM worked closely with a Bangalore based company- “Find Me a Shoe” for 3 years. “Find Me a Shoe” is a foot scanning application started by 2 passionate entrepreneurs- Anand and Shabri. Over the years, they have worked with large and boutique brands in the US and also such Indian companies as Flipkart.

In a world that is over-flooded with technology and in a country that is still not technologically advanced- we wanted to create something truly simple for every customer to use and shows accurate results.

So, how does our foot scanning application work with such accuracy and simplicity?

We started by standardising our size chart for each design of our footwear. This means whether you choose our indoor or outdoor range; our kolhapuris or our sliders- the sizes remain uniform, thus eliminating confusion in the minds of our customers.

This process works so seamlessly that when a customer scans his/her feet, it gets mapped to our footwear sizing chart and recommends them the correct size based on our footwear sizing chart. All you have to do as a buyer is to take one photograph of your feet- it’s that simple! We put in a lot of effort in our backend operations to improve your shopping experience. This technology is so powerful that, while the exchange in the footwear Industry ranges between 30-60%, the exchange rate for CMM footwear is only about 5%!

The foot scan application can be found on our website- on every product page. Pick a product you love and try the application for yourself- if you still have any sizing issues as a first time user, you can send your product back to us within 15 days and we will refund your money!