Father’s Day: 5 Health Gifts to Keep Your Dad Healthy Forever

Father’s day is just around the corner. It’s an opportunity to show your daddy how much you love him and saying thank you for all the hard work he has done and encourage you to achieve your goals. There must be times when he has to be strict to teach you discipline, but he is the only person who has always protected you from your mommy’s anger. This Father’s Day, surprise your dad by gifting some healthy and unique gifts.

This is the reason, CMM – Your Foot Doctor shares with you the five healthy gift ideas that are sure to make your dad smile:

  1. Book a Complete Health Check-Up –

While working for the family, men always keep their health besides. For your simple sneeze, your father must have taken you to the clinic for a checkup, but he never manages time his time to take care of his health. Don’t worry! On this Father’s day, book an appointment for a complete health check-up for your old man and let him understand the importance of health. This test should include screening tests for leading diseases such as cancer, heart problems and diabetes.  


  1. Healthy food box subscription

On this Father’s day, why don’t you send your daddy a healthy and tasty food box subscription? It will encourage your father to develop healthy eating habits and also helps to manage blood sugar level, cholesterol as well as blood pressure. Luckily, there's a lot of such options are available online for which provides roasted seeds, dry fruits, crackers, granola bars, healthy juices, herbal teas, and many other choices.

  1. Comfortable Footwear

This can be one of the unique gifts for your dad. Let’s face it, your dad is dealing with lots of things in life to make your family’s life safe and secure but he will never get enough to upgrade his wardrobe.        With growing age, your dad might be suffering from different foot problems. Gifting him comfortable orthopedic footwear can relieve the foot pain and avoid further foot-related problem.

  1. Yoga Session

Why not? Father’s Day and International Yoga day are in the same month. You can book a partner Yoga session with your dad and make the bond between you more strong. Spending a day together to learn something new will make your daddy happy.  


  1. Fitness Tracker/ Fitness Band

Your dad will simply love this! There are many fitness bands are available in the market today. It can help your daddy to check his diet, track the number of steps, heart rate, monitor sleep and maintain a healthy routine.

This Father’s day, break the stereotype of gifting flowers, cakes, craft beer or shaving kits and buy your dad something healthy to keep your dad healthy forever. Happy Father’s Day!