Enjoy This Wet Weather With Waterproof & Non-Slippery Monsoon Footwear & Flipflop by CMM

Monsoon is the best season for enjoyment, not only for humans, also for every living creature. In this season, everyone starts to make this season memorable and enjoyable. Mostly youngsters plan for trekking, travelling etc. But they also prepare for footwear. Every monsoon season we have to compromise with the fashion of footwear because we have to choose Boring gumboots. But this wet weather CMM comes with ergonomic design, fashionable and colourful look with midnight sale.

Colour Me Mad goes by the motto, “Happy Feet” and strikes to prove this motto through their products. CMM exhibits their traditional and authentic footwear in International innovation fair. CMM footwear makes this wet weather more enjoyable with their product features like waterproof, washable and changeable insoles.

Monsoon Friendly CMM Footwear Features  

CMM Footwear has all those features which should be in monsoon friendly footwear, also cares for the style and fashion. This footwear comes in vibrant designs and pattern that’s why most of the people have fallen love with this footwear. Monsoon season we mostly faced problems regarding footwear like Peeling off leather of the sandal, Bacteria fungus and germs attacked to our footwear and afterwards our health. A solution to all these problems is CMM footwear. People have confusion about this footwear statement so let’s clear their doubts with below-listed features.                           

1) Waterproof and Anti-fungal Properties:  CMM footwear used natural cork material for the sole. It has strong water resistant quality with molding property which helps in drying your footwear quickly. Cork also has molding property; it takes shape as per your foot. Trekking and travelling becomes easier. This Cork sole is combined with soft latex which provides you shock absorption quality. So that your back, knee pain will be reduced.

Cork has one more bonus property for monsoon season that is antibacterial property. CMM uses this quality wisely and makes CMM footwear Monsoon season friendly. This antifungal quality makes CMM footwear durable. Monsoon season also is full of excessive humidity, germs, bacteria, fungus, etc. but you can enjoy your monsoon season without worrying about health issues. CMM footwear provides you happy, healthy, comfortable, enjoyable monsoon season.

2) Easy To Maintain:  Monsoon season footwear should be durable and clean.  We can Wash CMM footwear frequently at home without degrading their quality. In Monsoon season we mostly walk into a muddy road with facing dirt on the road and we have to clean our footwear frequently. The solution to this problem is CMM washable footwear. We can keep CMM footwear more durable, clean and neat.

3) Customization:  Every monsoon season we have to compromise with only one pair of sandals or any type of footwear. We have to wear one type of pair different dress. Clothes With perfect footwear are an added feature of personality, because first thing people notice is our footwear. In Monsoon season, we cannot ignore parties, functions, events etc. To cover all these customer issues CMM comes with Fabulous and best solution that is customized footwear.

CMM footwear has quality like a changeable insole. So that we change insole as per dress design and make new, colourful and perfect pair for the different ceremony.  I love this feature because CMM footwear provides this feature in an affordable range.

4) Shock Absorbent and Non-Slippery:  CMM footwear is best for Monsoon because of this feature. Monsoon is full of a slippery road. Most of the vehicle accident happened in monsoon season. Also, people slip on the road and gets injured badly. So monsoon footwear should be Non-slippery. CMM sandals or flip-flop has striped pattern on the out-sole, so that even you walk on the wet road there are fewer chances of a slip-on.

CMM Footwear uses shock absorbers so that it will provide support for feet and reduces knee, back pain etc. CMM footwear is great for all age group of people.

Colour Me Mad Provides some offers and sale for middle-class people to buy their footwear and make their monsoon enjoyable. Colour Me Mad also provides a great colourful variety of collection of footwear which is a bonus point for customers. These thousands of colourful footwear makes women customer happy.

Colour Me Mad Footwear is always ready for monsoon because it is designed for all weather season. You can wear it in any season without any problem. This handcrafted CMM footwear with nice colourful design makes customers feet happy in every season.

“Colour Me Mad” Is the best choice for everyone. CMM footwear not only completes the requirement of monsoon season but also provides happy, comfortable, healthy feet for any weather.