Do I need Shoe Orothtics / Customised Insole ?

'Shoe orthotics'!!!

Well, what does it mean exactly? And how do I know I need this?

To know whether you need shoe orthotics, first, you need to know what it means. And how does it help relieve not only the problems related to our feet but also relieves tension in other muscles in our calves, hip or back in many cases?

Yeah. I know what you are thinking.

You must be thinking come on now this is a bit extra. How can footwear relieve back pain? How is this statement even relevant?

Well then, let's find out.

So What Is Shoe Orthotics?

Orthotics are different. They are customised shoe inserts according to your feet condition. They are prescription medical devices that you wear inside your shoes to correct biomechanical foot issues such as problems with how you walk, stand, or run. They can also help with foot pain caused by medical conditions such as diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and arthritis. It is a customised medical insole specially made for your feet condition. No matter whether you have feet with a high arch or you have flat feet or maybe something in between. This insole is your friend that comforts your feet. And helps to keep problems like heel pain ankle pain at bay.

Now that we all have a fair idea about what shoe orthotics are next question that comes to our mind is whether or not I need it. How do we know that?


Do I Need Shoe Orthotics?

Every person is born with distinctly different features. Different body types, height etc. In the same way, our feet differ in shape and size too. Here are few reasons you need to consider buying orthotics:

  • Standing for more than five hours a day - 

Continuous sitting on a chair is not good for your health, but working on your feet can cause many lower limb problems. Standing on your feet for many hours can cause plantar fasciitis. This may raise your risk for long-term feet, ankle hip & back pain. You can use proper orthotics to get relief foot pain from standing all day.

 Standing for more than five hours a day


  • No arch or a high arch in your foot

Amongst us, many people are having feet with no arch or high arch. If you have a very high or very low arch, regular footwear may not support your feet as well as it should. This could cause problems like aching sole, pain in heels or ankles. This condition can also create additional tension in the muscles in your calves which can further result in chronic pain in the calves, knees and hips.

No arch or a high arch in your foot


  • Pain in your foot or heel 

Many times we do experience pain in our feet after wearing our regular footwear. But rarely notice the fact that the cause of the pain could be the shoes we were wearing. A lot of times we tend to ignore and avoid these signs. This pain and trouble we are putting our feet into. But instead of avoiding the problem of finding temporary fixes why not find out what the underlying cause could be.

  • Recent injury on a lower Limb –

Are you recently suffered a hip, knee, leg or ankle injury? Lower back injuries could be affecting the extra pressure you put on your feet. As a result, you will experience difficulty while walking. Orthotics may be able to help correct your walk. You need orthopaedic footwear or orthotics to walk without any problem.

Recent injury on a lower Limb



Is it necessary to use shoe orthotics? Is there any alternative?

No, not everyone needs shoe orthotics, in some cases, just a Over the Counter shoe insert or insole can do the trick as well. These could provide your feet with proper cushioning to support the arch of your feet which can help. Yet in so many other cases people do need the help of orthotics which do not just provide proper support to your feet but it is a customised that helps you improve your posture, the way you walk, the way you stand, it helps you balance and gives you a happy feet experience. That after every tiring day your feet will thank you for choosing orthotics.


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