Did you know CMM gets recycled?

Environment Friendly Cork Footwears by Colour Me Mad (CMM)

CMM footwear as we emphasize is made from completely natural materials. We use cork in our footwear which is also known as nature’s leather. Cork is derived in the form of bark tissue from cork oak tree.

All CMM footwear use cork as the main material. This makes our footwear lighter and comfortable to wear. Along with the ergonomic characteristics, cork also has natural properties which make it easy to dispose.

Being completely natural and derived from tree it is biodegradable. It can be recycled or decomposed effortlessly. Cork can be composted or turned into garden mulch. It can also be reused or recycled for DIY purposes. You can make cork coasters, cork key rings or markers.
There are organizations who collect used cork and recycle them to create many other cork products like cork tiles, cork flooring or cork boards to name a few.

Cork, if not recycled it can be degraded into landfills. Unlike other synthetic products cork does not contribute to any harmful gases or emissions to the environment. Thus, it is completely environment friendly and do not affect the nature in any way.
This in turn makes CMM footwear truly natural, sustainable and recyclable product. These techniques can allow you to discard your old or used CMM on your own too, in a very natural and environment friendly way.