Customized Orthopedic Footwear Foot & Ankle Pain, a Game Changer!

Customized footwear from CMM with Washable Insoles

How many of you have envied the film stars with their wardrobe full of different and shining footwear which go out with their every outfit? I am sure, most of us have. We always want that perfect pair of footwear which can go well with different outfits suitable for the occasion. But how do we achieve this without spending a fortune and not cluttering our wardrobe with so many pairs?

Colour Me Mad (CMM), is here for you. At CMM we understand the needs of customers and want to make them feel special and happy always. For the first time ever in India, CMM has introduced idea of customized footwear at an affordable range. By customized footwear they do not just provide the perfect fit and design, but with single pair you can mix and match your footwear with your outfit. This will not clutter your wardrobe and you can have different patterns at the same time.

Here how it goes. CMM cork footwear has changeable insoles in them which are designed with vibrant designs and patterns. When you buy footwear with one particular design and colour from CMM, you have an option to buy different insole pair with designs and shades of your choice. It’s not only the insole that can be changed but the straps can also be changed. So you can make your own combinations and patterns with just one pair of footwear. Isn’t it interesting and fascinating! You can have this customizable footwear in the form of sandals, sliders or toe-stoppers.  Based on the occasion you can even make them go casual or formal for wedding or social events.  Changing and customizing CMM footwear is completely DIY (Do-it-Yourself) and very simple. You can watch our videos on our website, to know how within couple of minutes you can have new and different style every day.

This is really a breakthrough and innovative idea by CMM which is definitely going to be a big game changer. It is first time someone has come with such an idea to customers liking. For many female customers mostly, the concern of having matching footwear with their outfit is solved so easily by CMM. We have customizable footwear for men as well. So it is catering to everyone’s need.

Getting this idea into the market is really a big thing and bold step taken by CMM. With the footwear industry already flocked with so many competitors from all around the world, it is really challenging to step into such a market. People are also not used to and aware about such a concept. Since 2014, from its inception it was and still is a major challenge to CMM to reach out to as many customers as possible and imbibe this idea into their mind. However, with their marketing strategy and recognition from fashion design Mecca; Italy, they have been growing further and have got acceptance from many customers from India as well as Dubai, Turkey and Italy.

CMM’s customizable footwear are really gaining acceptance and people are loving the concept. All the designs are very different from the traditional footwear designs. CMM has used bright as well as peaceful colours to allure customers and Floral and Aztec patterns really add to the appeal. It is definitely a game changer with people coming back for different designs at CMM.