Colour Me Mad - Ortho Cork Sandals & Insoles & Pregnancy Footwear

Trendy Orthopedic Footwear & Sandals by Colour Me Mad (CMM)

Colour Me Mad (CMM) is a trendy footwear brand which offers comfortable yet fashionable footwear to its customer. The concept of CMM is to design its footwear with peculiar designs which are colourful and attractive to the customer. These designs appeal to young as well as old, because it is not just the designs but the handcrafted comfort that is imparted in the footwear.

CMM footwear is made with natural and environment friendly materials. We use cork in our footwear which is natural as well as comfortable for your feet. Cork has proven to be one of the best materials for your feet as it is not only 30% lighter but also takes shape of your feet and reduces ankle and knee pain. Cork is impervious to all kind of weather and hence it makes our footwear all weather. You can wear it in rainy season as well as on a sunny day. We also have provided changeable insoles to mix and match it up with different designs. The soles are latex padding which are easily removable and can be replaced with another insole of your choice. With this feature we focus on providing customized and colourful footwear to the customer.

CMM uses natural materials for its footwear, having said that, we are PETA approved and completely Vegan. No animal or animal derivatives are used in our footwear. So, CMM footwear are completely natural as well as customer friendly due to its ergonomic design which helps to provide comfort while walking. This allows you to wear our footwear for long hours in rough conditions as well.