CMM - Individually handcrafted Footwear for every Individual

Customised Orthopedic Footwear by Colour Me Mad (CMM)

We bring to you customizable footwear which are completely handmade. The concept of changing insoles in your footwear to match your style and outfit is certainly pioneering.

Each pair of CMM is individually handcrafted and made from nature’s leather called as Cork. Cork being natural and derived from oak tree, our footwear is absolutely vegan.

Our exclusive designs and striking patterns are all individually thought out which makes CMM footwear outstanding.

The footwear is designed taking into considerations each individual fit and comfort. The customizable and adjustable fittings allow every individual to adjust the fit as per their convenience.
Ergonomic design and natural characteristics of cork makes our footwear comfortable to feet. It helps reduce back, knee and ankle pain allowing you to wear it long hours.

The soft insole also gives soothing effect to your feet keeping you on your feet all day. CMM footwear is so comfortable and convenient that you would like to wear it every day.
With these handcrafted and special foot care provided by CMM footwear they can be truly termed as ‘Happy Feet’.