Choosing Comfortable Footwear during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special phase in every woman's life, and it often inspires women to make healthier lifestyle choices. As a pregnant woman, you’ve got to be very careful about what you eat, drink, or wear. But have you consider changing your footwear and select comfortable footwear during the pregnancy? When you're pregnant for the first time, you won’t understand how your body is going to change and why you need to care for your feet. As time goes, you will surely understand the importance of comfortable footwear.

Why is It Important to Wear Right Footwear in Pregnancy?

There are many changes that your body undergoes in pregnancy. As your baby bump grows and your weight increases, you will start feeling soreness and pain in your feet. This will add pressure on your spine and pelvic region. The leg and foot problems are very common during pregnancy and it becomes severe, particularly during the last trimester. Pregnancy not only affects the way you walk, but you will also experience pain in your back, ankles and feet. You can try preventing these pains by switching to maternity footwear once you get the news of your pregnancy. Wearing comfortable footwear will help to improve the blood circulation of the feet and provide better support to your feet.

Now the question is, how to select the best pair of pregnancy footwear? That’s what we’re going to explore in this article!

Factors to consider to buy the most comfortable shoes to wear during pregnancy:

  • Say no to high heels

Say no to high heels

 Every woman should own at least one pair of heels for a special occasion. But for pregnant women, there is a strict no for heels. Wearing high heels during pregnancy can lead to serious problems to you and the new life growing inside you. As your belly bump becomes bigger and you gain weight, your feet need supportive and comfortable footwear to balance the body.

 Also, during pregnancy, there will be an increased risk of falling. Hence, you need to be very careful about the height of the feet. If you don’t want a flat heel, you can opt for wide and low heels. But you need to limit yourself to a height of 4 cm.


  • Shopping in the Afternoon or Evening footwear

Shopping in the Afternoon or Evening footwear

 To select footwear with the correct fitting, you should shop for them at the right hours. If you buy footwear in the morning, you will experience that it will fit perfectly in the morning but when evening comes, you may feel uncomfortable in that footwear. Your feet naturally expand with use during the day. Hence, experts suggest buying shoes in the evening or afternoon as during this time your foot is largest during those hours.

 During pregnancy, your body will experience changes for nine months. It is advised to buy footwear that is a size or half size bigger than your actual size. Also, you need to shop footwear twice, during your first trimester and again in the last three months as pregnancy may enlarge the foot size.


  • High Friction Shoe Heels

 High Friction Shoe Heels

Due to hormonal changes and increasing weight, falling becomes one of the major concern during pregnancy. Growing belly shifts the center of gravity forward and it became harder to stay upright. Wearing poor footwear increases the pressure on your back and knees which leads to the risk of falling and hurting you and your unborn child.

You need to buy footwear with high friction heels to ensure firmness and provide support for walking safely. You should to examine the soles and buy footwear with non-slippery and sturdy soles. Always try new shoes and walk in the showroom to check how comfortable you feel in those shoes. By them, if they fit perfect and you are getting proper support for your feet

  • Footwear Type, Style and Material

Footwear Type, Style and Material

Shoes are very comfortable during pregnancy and arch support open footwear as well. You need to select flat shoes or open footwear which provides optimum arches and ankle support. Wear them with a flowy dress, jumpsuit or maternity jeans and look stylish like never before. As your belly grows, it will become difficult to tie a shoelace. Hence, instead of buying shoes with lace, opt for slip-on shoes

Some of the recommended types of footwear are:

Flat Shoes or Sneakers with arch support insole

Shoes are very comfortable during pregnancy. You need to select flat shoes or sneakers which provides optimum arches and ankle support or you can also put custom orthotics in it.

Work Footwear:

Most working women love to wear heels. But during pregnancy, you cannot wear them. You need to buy a comfortable pair of footwear or you can buy customised insole to put them into your favourite footwear. They will provide you comfort during your working hours.

Indoor Footwear or Casual Shoes

Along with comfortable maternity clothes, you need to buy a good pair of footwear to wear at home. They can help you to stay comfortable and prevent injury while doing your household chores.

Flip-flops or Sandals:

Flip flops and sandals are the perfect option during pregnancy as you can slip on them easily. They are perfect for both summer and winter. To make your feet cosy, you can wear socks with them. You can wear them at home as well as while going out.

  • Adhere to Footwear Sanitation Rules

Adhere to Footwear Sanitation Rules

During pregnancy, you will observe that your feet will sweat more. By a pair of footwear which will allow your feet to breathe and prevent the sweaty feet problem. Also, you need to follow few sanitation guidelines to make your feet healthy and stay away from infections.

  • Change your footwear at least twice a day
  • Wash your feet regularly and leaving them to dry completely
  • Before storing your footwear, leave them in an open space to breathe for at least 7-8 hours


The right pair of maternity footwear should be in your closet to enjoy the next nine months of pregnancy comfortably. At Colour Me Mad, you can find comfortable pregnancy footwear in different colours & trendy styles. Buy the perfect footwear to get better support and comfort and enjoy the joy of being mother!