Best Footwear After the Knee Replacement Surgery

A knee replacement surgery can be a life-changing experience. Before surgery, you must have felt crippled and even you have taken help to go from one room to another. And after surgery, you have walked out of the hospital on your own feet within a week. Isn’t it amazing?

After such surgery, you do deserve a little rest and proper care.

You need to be very careful about how you move your knee, especially for the first few months after the surgery.


What to Expect After the Knee Replacement Surgery?

Though Knee replacement helps to relieve pain and restore your body function, it also puts some limitations. It will take few months to adjust to the new knee. It is very common to experience discomfort and pain while walking or moving the knee. You will feel soreness and your feet can get swollen but regular exercise and care can help you to recover.


Here’s What to do to Properly Adjust to Your New Knees After Surgery - 

  • Regularly take your prescribed medicines such as painkillers or anti-inflammatories to ease the pain and swelling
  • Use your walking aids for the initial weeks but try to walk on your own for improving the condition. 
  • Continue with basic exercises to get rid of stiffness and other issues, but don’t put great force on the knees
  • Try to avoid twisting at your knee and do not sit while your leg crossed for the first six weeks to avoid dislocation. Limit your sitting position
  • Avoid using a pillow underneath the knee while sleeping. It can result in a permanent knee bend. 
  • Elevatethe leg to help reduce swelling or apply an ice pack
  • Always wear comfortable pain relief footwear outdoor as well as at home to support your feet while walking.
  • Do not kneel on your replaced knee in the first 6 months after the surgery


Do I Need New Footwear After the Knee Replacement

This is the common question for those who have undergone or who have decided to get a knee replacement. The answer is yes! Let’s understand why you need to change your footwear.

If you have recently undergone a knee replacement surgery, you will find it difficult to wear the shoes. Once your knee is righted, it can take time for your feet ankle to adjust with the new changes.

Your feet will be swollen and you cannot bend to put on the shoes. Hence, it is advisable to wear slip-on type footwear or adjustable sandals that will fit your swollen feet and easier for you to wear. You can experience “weirdness in the feet” for the next six months and it is a best idea to invest in new comfortable footwear or at least to buy Arch supports.

What are the Benefits of Footwear Offered by CMM?

All the CMM footwear are made up of medical graded EVA material and natural cork. Our footwear are:



It’s important to understand that not everyone’s needs are the same. It is always a good option to invest in a good footwear for your feet’s heath. But for those who are having knee problems or undergone a knee surgery, it is necessary to wear well fitter & comfortable footwear. It helps to reduce stress on your knees during walking and doing your regular activities. Visit CMM today and explore the best footwear after the knee replacement surgery.