Are you suffering from foot pain? Causes, Treatment, Prevention

You are have been suffering from foot pain regularly and wondering what caused the same although you are fit and have an active lifestyle.


Although there are many causes for your foot pain but one of the major causes of foot pain is not having proper weight distribution which leads to extra load on one feet which means that one of your feet is taking extra weight leading to pain in your feet.


The other reason is if you have flat feet or high arch then it could lead to some kind of foot pain.


There are three types of arches or also called as pronation

  • High Arch also called supination
  • Low Arch also called over-pronation
  • Neutral


In all the three arch types, the most important part is to get that proper weight distribution. In other words, get a proper posture alignment. Due to the wrong alignment of your foot, you may suffer from many kinds of pain. For example, back pain, knee pain, heel pain etc.


For good posture or to get relief from pain. The foot should be well balanced. A foot is well balanced when the weight is distributed equally and the foot is centrally aligned. To achieve this, the foot should be clinically analysed by an Orthotist or physiotherapist.


After the analysis, the excessive pressure on any part of your foot should be decreased by giving proper support to the medial arch, metatarsal arch and lateral arch. 


Any kind of pronation listed above needs orthotics, which can support your feet and give the perfect weight distribution. This can be done by orthotics like insoles which can be inserted in shoes, a sandal with good arch support or well designed shoes.


Even if your arch is neutral and your weight distribution is proper it is important to maintain your posture and provide support to your feet. As the saying goes it is better to be safe than sorry!


At Colour Me Mad (CMM), we have inhouse orthotist who can analyse your foot and make customised insoles. For people who can't come to our clinic, we also have pain relief sandals which will relief you of pain and providing stability and comfort which are essential for your foot so that you can be 24 Hours active.